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This was our very first XR project. It was produced for the the Brit Awards 2020 at the O2 in London,  however we did extensive testing, prototyping and content development for the project right here in our studio.  We are incredibly proud to have worked on such a ground breaking and important show.

We worked with long time collaborator, choreographer and director Antoine Marc for this highly innovative and award winning dance piece. We loved that we could experiment with integrating virtual and real lighting fixtures into a seamless and beautifully shot piece of work.

ITV Creates.png

This is probably the largest production we've worked on and we have a big crew on site for 2 days to shoot this ident for ITV that was broadcast on national TV many times a day for a month. We were particularly happy with the content that we created for it. and the behind the scenes version that they also produced.

Working with our long time collaborator Antoine Marc again, the BBC were very happy with the way this experimental piece turned out


Ben Unwin has been making music videos and has worked with the likes of Bjork, Stereophonics and many more. He chose to use the studio in an original and mind bending way!

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